Vegan Love

Vegan Love is a native iOS application that allows Vegans to monitor their intake of vital nutrients based on the foods they consume, and offers suggestions of foods to eat when an insufficient amount of a nutrient is being consumed. The idea was conceived by a client of Can O’ Baked Beans Creations.

Can O’ Baked Beans Creations was involved with the following elements of the application:

  • Branding and Identity
  • Photography of Food Items
  • Requirements Analysis and UX Design for the iOS application.
  • Development of the Backend API which runs on Google AppEngine and makes use of  a JDO Datastore and contains the algorithms for summarizing a users nutrient intake.
  • Development of the Backend Administration Website – Built on JSP, HTML5 and JS. It allows the client to be in full control over what foods are listed in the database, as well as the nutrient content of each food.

View the App on the iTunes Store