Web design / Webflow development / Product & User Experience design / Brand development

Photograph of founder of Can O' Baked Beans, Mohit Sooka standing in the 2018 COBB studio. Photographed by Wade Moonsamy.
A monk Mo met on a mountain while on a quest in Da Nang. Photograph by Mohit Sooka
A photograph of Mo's grandfather while working on a watch.
Photograph of Johannesburg skyline taken while the Bean Team were driving on the highway. Photograph by Mohit Sooka
Mo and Tatum at the beach.
Mo's family.
Founder Iffy excited about COBB!
Photograph of Founder Brett laughing at his desk in the Doris Street COBB office in 2016. Photograph by Mohit Sooka
Photograph of the bean team in Kensington Pool House office around 2014.
BCKRDS boys and Mo.

Hello there…We’re  Can O' Baked Beans, a web design and development studio based in Johannesburg. We design and build digital products that add value to our clients while delivering magical experiences to their users.

We work with founders of startups who need help getting their brand online, small to medium-sized businesses looking to refresh their online presence, and other creative agencies and groups who require our service offerings and are looking to partner up.

Our services include Product & User Experience design, Web design, Webflow development, Brand development, and Creative direction.

Founded in 2012 by three friends who met in high school, we officially opened our doors in 2014 from a pool house in Joburg’s East Rand. In 2016, we transitioned from turnkey design and development solutions to focus exclusively on User Experience design and Web and App development. Today, the business is run and managed by the last remaining Founder, Mohit Sooka, who is a lead product designer and senior design consultant by trade. A man who’s been in the trenches and seen it all over a 15-year design career.

At Can O' Baked Beans, we believe in the combined transformative power of design and technology and how it can radically transform businesses and organizations. We're passionate about creating beautiful, functional products and experiences that exceed our clients' expectations.  So come on down, let's have some fun and build something amazing together!



Senior Art Director

Senior role that expands on UX/UI Designer responsibilities, by providing more high-level concept work and leadership throughout creative campaigns.

UX/UI Designer

Collaborative and cross-functional art director role to conceptualize innovative digital experiences as well as new campaign initiatives for brands.


Graphic Design Intern

Internship position that provided experience in using marketing strategies to design internal promotions as well as client promotions for events and sales.



  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Webflow
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • After Effects

Wireframing & user flows

  • FigJam
  • Adobe XD
  • Invision App
  • Overflow

Key Skills

  • Identity system design
  • User-experience design
  • User-interface design
  • Asset management
  • Qualitative research
  • Data analysis
  • Public speaking
  • Critical thinking


university of louisville

BFA: Graphic Design

Cum Laude

ballard high school